Vaccine impact modeling for cholera

Epidemiology surveillance - Vaccines completed

Project timeline: 01/07/2020 - 31/03/2022

Lead Researcher

Dr. Andrew Azman

Organisation / Institution

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium

Project summary

Oral cholera vaccination (OCV) has typically been used in responsive, outbreak response settings, but growing vaccine supply and efforts to promote cholera control planning at national scales have led to more frequent use of preventive vaccination campaigns. The Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium coordinates a multi-modeling effort to estimate the global impact of vaccines for several vaccine-preventable diseases. This work will expand on an existing OCV modeling framework to project the impact of multiple scenarios of global cholera vaccination campaigns, inform strategic planning for vaccine supply and vaccine demand and underscores the importance of the effective targeting of OCV campaigns. An R package will be developed to make the model more accessible and flexible for other users and policy questions.

Lay summary

This research aims to develop a flexible vaccine impact model that can project the global impact of oral cholera vaccination campaigns under different sets of planning scenarios.

Potential for public health impact or global health decision-making

The modeling framework that results from this project can be used to estimate the impact of cholera vaccination campaigns and advocate for increases to OCV campaign funding and supply.


Andrew Azman, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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Mapping the burden of cholera in sub-Saharan Africa and implications for control: an analysis of data across geographical scales