Country progress

Country engagement is the driving force behind cholera control and elimination

Each country designs its own national plan in the global fight against cholera

With the support of the GTFCC, governments, national institutions, and affected communities drive national-level implementation of the Global Roadmap. National Cholera Plans (NCPs) are developed by each country to control and eliminate cholera until 2030. The NCPs builds upon existing initiatives in an integrated way.


National Cholera Plans

What is a National Cholera Plan?

A National Cholera Plan (NCP) for control or elimination is a comprehensive document covering all aspects of a country’s cholera prevention and control strategies. All relevant national ministries, government agencies, and institutions should be involved in the process of developing, implementing, and monitoring the plan.

The National Cholera Plan: a living document

As a dynamic, multi-year plan, the NCP states the country’s goals and outlines detailed actions and budgets to coordinate the efforts of everyone working to meet those goals. To monitor progress, the country sets interim checkpoints and measures to develop corrective actions as needed. The implementation plan is reviewed and revised on a regular basis – once a year at least – and updated based on cholera epidemiology.

​ The Independent Review Panel

In 2019, an Independent Review Panel (IRP) was set up by the GTFCC to review and endorse National Cholera Plans The Panel is composed by independent and impartial experts appointed by the GTFCC Steering Committee.

The IRP is responsible for assessing NCPs from a technical perspective, focusing on:

NCP Interim Guiding Document

Template for National Cholera Plans

National Cholera Plans post-Independent Review Panel


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National Cholera Plans pre-Independent Review Panel


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