Identification of Priority Areas for Multisectoral Interventions (PAMIs) for cholera control

Technical guidance

The identification of Priority Areas for Multisectoral Interventions (PAMIs, sometimes referred to as ‘hotspots’) for cholera control is among the first steps for a cholera-affected country to develop or revise a National Cholera Plan (NCP) for cholera control.

PAMIs identification

The method recommended by the GTFCC for the identification of PAMIs for cholera control is presented in the guidance document.

Guidance Document

To facilitate PAMIs identification, countries are encouraged to refer to a step-by-step user guide and to use an Excel-based tool.

User Guide

Identification Tool

An Excel-based tool should be considered in conjunction with a template to structure the data to be imported into the tool.

Template Report

Data Model Template

Training datasets

Users are provided with three training datasets to familiarize themself in the manipulation of the Excel-based tool.

Dataset 1 (representativeness of cholera testing acceptable)

Dataset 2 (representativeness of cholera testing suboptimal)

Dataset 3 (representativeness of cholera testing insufficient)

Questions and requests for technical support for PAMIs identification can be addressed to

Interim Guidance Document on National Cholera Plan

PAMI identification is critical to maximize the potential impact of NCP implementation on cholera control. An Interim Guiding Document is available for countries to integrate PAMI identification results in the development or the revision of their National Cholera Plan (NCP).