Launch of a Request for Proposals for studies to estimate the impact of Oral Cholera Vaccine campaigns

December 11, 2019


Request for Proposals: Assessment of impact of Oral Cholera Vaccine when used pre-emptively in cholera hotspots or reactively for outbreak response

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the Wellcome Trust seek to engage institutions to address critical Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) evidence gaps, as identified by the OCV Working Group, through a learning agenda in Gavi-eligible countries conducting OCV campaigns in 2020-2021. The primary evidence gaps of interest are the impact of OCV when used:

  • In a non-emergency setting to provide population protection against cholera in a cholera hotspot (i.e., pre-emptive use)
  • In the context of a cholera outbreak to control its spread and prevent future disease (i.e., reactive use)

The lessons are intended to be complementary to ongoing research activities supported by other funders. The findings generated from this Request for Proposals will inform the decision-making, design, planning, and implementation of OCV programmes in Gavi-eligible countries.

Letters of intent should be sent to GAVI by the of December 20, 2019.