On the Road to Ending Cholera: a discussion on progress and challenges in a new era – Webinar

June 9, 2020, Virtual Event


The Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC) organized a virtual event on June 9th, 2020.


The GTFCC event aimed to highlight the progress made by cholera-affected countries and to reinforce commitments from country decision-makers and partners engaged in cholera control. This event was organized in observance of the 73rd World Health Assembly.

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Opening remarks

Dr Tedros GHEBREYESUS, Director General, WHO

Looking back: The journey of Zambia

The journey of Zambia towards cholera elimination

WaterAid Zambia

Progress made and challenges encountered since the launch of the National Cholera Plan one year ago

Fred KAPAYA, National Cholera Coordinator, Zambia National Public Health Institute

Dialogue 1 - Progress made on cholera control in countries

The success of reactive and preventive OCV campaigns to control cholera

Sanya Tahmina JHORA, Additional Director General, Directorate General of Health Services, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Renewed Gavi support to cholera and the need to expand access to OCV

Seth BERKLEY, Chief Executive Officer, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

The goal of eliminating cholera in Haiti within reach

Patrick DELY, Director of Epidemiology, Laboratory and Investigation, Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (Haiti)

Country Support Platform: operationalizing the Global Roadmap

Dialogue 2 - Continued engagement of countries and partners to implement the Global Roadmap

Investing efforts in cholera hotspots as markers of poor WASH conditions

Tim WAINWRIGHT, Chief Executive Officer, WaterAid

From outbreak response to long term control of cholera – an investment for the future of the country

Portia MANANGAZIRA, Director Epidemiology & Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe

From commitments to actions - implementation of OCV campaign, identification of hotspots and development of a National Cholera Control Plan

Aschalew ABAYNEH, Deputy Director General, Ethiopian Public Health Institute