Template for National Cholera Plans


The NCP Template aims to provide countries with a template and detailed guidance on how to present its contents in line with the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC) strategy, Ending Cholera: A Global Roadmap to 2030.

The NCP Template with guidance text (PDF) has suggested headings for NCPs as well as substansive suggestions for content in each section. The suggestions build on the requirements outlined in the GTFCC Interim Guiding Document to Support Countries for the Development of their National Cholera Plan, reference relevant technical guidance, and were developed with significant input from GTFCC partners.

The blank NCP Template in Word format can be used by countries beginning their NCP drafting.

As NCPs should be country-led and country-specific, the tools and templates provided in this document are intended to guide those developing a country NCP and should be adapted to reflect the country context and epidemiological situation of cholera.

The NCP Template and its guidance focus primarily on the inception and development phases of the plan and the monitoring and evaluation framework for its implementation.

Template with guidance text

Download English version

Blank template for use by countries

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As stated in the GTFCC Interim Guide, an NCP is:

  • A multisectoral and comprehensive document that states a country’s goal regarding cholera control or elimination and details all aspects of the national cholera prevention and control strategy. The NCP should be country-led and context-specific.
  • All relevant ministries, government agencies and institutions, including those outside the health sector, should be involved in the NCP development, implementation, and monitoring. The activities included in the NCP should be budgeted and aligned with the goals and objectives identified by the country and be guided by the axes stated in the Roadmap.
  • An NCP is a dynamic, multi-year and operational document that contains detailed implementation and monitoring plans. In its NCP, a country will define milestones to measure progress and implement any corrective action to improve results and efforts toward the goals set.