Cholera Research Tracker

An online platform and living database

An interactive, searchable database of completed and ongoing research projects to inform cholera prevention and control efforts. This will help support collaboration and highlight trends, knowledge and funding gaps so that resources can be used effectively, ultimately helping us reach the Roadmap 2030 goals.

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This overview displays the total number of research projects, the number of countries where research is being conducted, and how many projects align with each GTFCC Pillars.


62 2 active


24 24 active
These numbers reflect the projects in the Cholera Research Tracker database. This is not a comprehensive view of all cholera projects in the world.

Search & view

The cholera projects can be viewed on a map or as a list, and searched by applying Pillar, Country, Status, and keyword filters.

Complete details of each project can be found by clicking on a specific research project and by downloading search results.


You can select one Pillar or a combination of Pillars, projects will only be shown if they include all the Pillar types selected.


You can select one "country" at a time to review all the research projects located in that country, or select "global" for projects that are not linked to a specific country.


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    The number of icons may be more than the number of projects owing to the multi-site nature of many research projects.