Impact evaluation of OCV preventive campaigns, DRC

Epidemiology surveillance - Laboratory surveillance - Vaccines Democratic Republic of Congo completed

Project timeline: 11/05/2021 - 31/12/2023

Lead Researcher

Ms. Anaïs Broban

Organisation / Institution



Wellcome Trust
FCDO - UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (previously DfID)

Project summary

Main objective

To better characterize cholera transmission in cholera hotspot in DRC and assess the impact of a large vaccination campaign reaching high coverage on sustained control of cholera transmission for at least two years.


Clinical surveillance (Goma and Bukama)
Observational surveillance study at CTC/CTU level, including all patients in all active structures of the zones (ZS Goma, Karisimbi, Nyiragong, Kirotshe and ZS Bukama). Systematic RDT testing, questionnaire, collection of dry and humid filter papers

Seroprevalence surveys (Goma and Bukama) – collecting venous blood samples
Goma: 6 serosurveys at different time of the year (all post-vaccination). Bukama: 3 serosurveys once a year (1 before vacci, then 1 and 2 years after), + mortality survey

Home follow-up (Goma only)
Repeated home visits for RDT positive cases (D1, D4, D7, D14, D28, D90 and D180). Stool testing from the family, questionnaire, collecting environmental samples.

Lay summary

Evaluate the impact of OCV preventive campaigns at different levels:

  • Impact on number of cholera cases: symptomatic cases in CTC/CTUs
  • Impact on transmission in the community: monitoring level of immunity in the population including asymptomatic cases
  • Impact on transmission at household level

Potential for public health impact or global health decision-making

This study will help us better understand the impact of mass cholera vaccination programs to set expectations for decision makers and help understand when revaccination may be needed.


Anaïs Broban, Epicentre; Dr Francisco Luquero, Epicentre; Rachel Mahamba, Epicentre; Dr Placide WELO, Ministry of Health DRC; Dr Primitive GAKIMA, MSF Kinshasa; Boubacar Korronney, MSF Kinshasa; Leon Salumu, MSF Paris; Christopher Mambula, MSF Paris; Pr Octavie Lunguya, INRB Kinshasa; Dr Daniel Mukadi, INRB Goma; Dr Flavio Finger, Epicentre;

Key Collaborators

PNECHOL (Plan National d'Elimination du Choléra et maladies diarrhéiques); John Hopkins University; INRB; Institut Pasteur Paris