Request for Letters of Inquiry: Establishing the operational arm of the GTFCC via a Country Support Platform

February 10, 2020


A request for Letters of Inquiry has been launched in support of the Global Task Force on Cholera Control’s (GTFCC) efforts. The purpose is to identify interest from organizations to establish and host a Country Support Platform that would provide GTFCC multi sectoral operational support to countries for the implementation of their National Control Plans in close collaboration with the Secretariat and partners of the Task Force.

Proposals will be selected for funding in a two-phase process that involves (1) short letter of inquiry (LOI) followed by (2) invitations to submit a full proposal to those organizations that successfully demonstrate their ability to meet the criteria defined in the request.

Letters of interest should be submitted by e-mail to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation by February 28, 2020.

Download the Request for Letters of Inquiry