Participate in the development of the Cholera Research Tracker!

March 26, 2021


A new Research Section is being built for the GTFCC website which will host the “Cholera Research Tracker” – a publicly available, interactive, searchable dashboard of ongoing and recently completed cholera research projects.

The Cholera Research Tracker will enable users to look for research projects according to Pillars and Country, and view who is leading, collaborating and funding research in different areas. This will help spread awareness of the breadth of cholera-related research and, longer-term, the Research Tracker may be used by all to help support collaborations and to analyse research trends in order to identify knowledge, activity and funding gaps.

If you are, or have been, a lead or co-lead investigator on a cholera-related research project, please help us populate the Research Tracker by providing information about your research projects via the online submission form. We are not collecting research project data, results or budget information.  Please aim to submit research projects by the May 24 as we are aiming to launch the Research Tracker in June 2021. After this, you will be able to submit research project information on an ongoing basis via a different form on the GTFCC website.

We have a very broad definition of research and are looking to capture any project, or component of a project, which seeks to gain new or improved knowledge, evidence and understanding that may aid cholera prevention and control decision-making and action.

Examples include (but aren’t limited to):

  • monitoring and/or evaluating the use, uptake or effectiveness of interventions as part of implementation;
  • RCTs, discovery science, community engagement and social science research;
  • systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Any aspect of cholera disease burden and intervention, including health, social and financial are in scope. When in doubt, please submit and we’ll contact you.

For more information on the project and how the information you submit will be used:

Download the background document & privacy statement

The Research Section and Research Tracker are being developed by the Merieux Fondation with funding and support from the Wellcome Trust.

If you have any questions, please contact:

For any issues relating to the submission form please email Helen Groves at: